The Keep

Nazi forces decide to create a base within an ancient keep, which holds dark forces beyond their comprehension.


In an effort to aid the coming forces for D-Day, paratroopers are sent to destroy a vital radio tower, but find true horror below.

Darkest Hour

In this highly Churchill-centric retelling of historical events, the British government desperately works to find a way to deal with Europe quickly falling to the nazis, and how to save the bulk of their army at Dunkirk.


During the heightened state of panic following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a U-boat arrives off the coast of California, and surreally madcap quirkiness ensues in the initially unrelated chaos.

Captain America: The First Avenger

With his friend Bucky Barnes, an amiable, scrawny Steve Rogers from Brooklyn, NY, enlists to fight the nazis in Europe, but finds himself courted into a super-soldier experiment that leads to fighting the nazi-aligned HYDRA.

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