Star Trek: Voyager

Pulled to the other side of the galaxy by a powerful alien entity for its ultimately failed ends, opposing crews must come together to survive in wholly unknown territory.

Star Trek: Generations

In 2393, Captain Kirk seemingly dies in sacrifice saving the Enterprise-B and many El-Aurian refugees from a mysterious energy ribbon that possibly leads to a perfect eternal dream. 78 years later, the crew of the Enterprise-D deal with the mad machinations of an El-Aurian willing to destroy whole civilizations to return to the dream of that ribbon.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9

On the fringes of Federation space, Starfleet administers a previously Cardassian space station, while dealing with the weak Bajoran Provisional Government, Cardassian posturing, an artificial wormhole made by godlike beings, and the malevolent mysteries on the other side of that wormhole.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

After successfully saving Spock from death itself, the crew of the Enterprise is prepared to return home for judgement over their rogue actions. They soon learn that the Federation is being crippled by a probe of unknown origin, and must find a means of answering the probe's call in the past.

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