Halloween (2018)

The silent killer Michael Myers was recaptured 40 years ago. The traumatized Laurie Strode failed to live a normal life in that time. The two reunite after Michael finally escapes again.

Star Trek: First Contact

The crew of the Enterprise-E must go back in time to prevent the Borg from conquering and assimilating humanity, while Capt. Picard must finally deal with the repressed horrors the Borg inflicted upon him years prior.


A young girl is traumatized after somehow seeing an apparent copy of herself, and as an adult finds herself under siege by doppelgängers.


At least three of Kevin Wendel Crumb's personalities ally in the belief of a coming powerful personality, and kidnap young girls to feed it.


A high schooler finds a vintage Plymouth Fury, which turns out to be sentient and very sensitive.

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