The Road to Wellville

Inspired by the real-life Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his Sanitarium, the film follows those desperately seeking health and happiness by sometimes the most eccentric of means.

The Crown

The lives of the mythologized Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are portrayed, along with the many colorful people of their real family and government.

From Hell

Applying a conspiratorial interpretation of an actual unsolved mystery, the infamous murders of Jack the Ripper are portrayed and investigated.

Darkest Hour

In this highly Churchill-centric retelling of historical events, the British government desperately works to find a way to deal with Europe quickly falling to the nazis, and how to save the bulk of their army at Dunkirk.

The Post

The Pentagon Papers detailing the lies and political manipulations surrounding the Vietnam War are leaked to the press, and the New York Times and ultimately the Washington Post spearhead the reporting of the classified documents.

Ed Wood

Tim Burton memorializes real life cult filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr., along with his cast of eccentric regulars.

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