Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite, local hero and CIA agent, cleans up the streets to avenge his brother's death, but learns of a far reaching conspiracy.


The psychically gifted Alex Gardner (Dennis Quaid) finds himself on a project experimenting with shared dreams, and soon learns not all is as it seems.


The former time agent, omnipresent immortal, and omnisexual Jack Harkness leads an elite team of a slowly dying organization in this Doctor Who spin-off.


Willow, a reluctant hero and aspiring sorcerer, finds himself protecting a destiny-filled baby princess from an evil queen skilled in dark sorcery.


An inexperienced sorcerer's apprentice faces off against a fire breathing dragon in this fantastical cult film.

Agent Carter

The series follows fiercely independent, British SSR super-spy Peggy Carter in male-dominated postwar America.

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