34 years after Adrian Veidt dropped a squid monster onto Manhattan to save the world from annihilation, heroes new and old slowly come together to find the world on the brink again.


In an alternate 1985, after the murder of long time vigilante turned government assassin, current and former vigilantes look back on their sometimes difficult lives, and soon uncover threats to the world they may not want to understand.

Wonder Woman

Amazonian Princes Diana (Gal Gadot) learns her true origins as a demigoddess and the sacrifices true heroes must make.

Batman Returns

The experienced Dark Knight finds himself against the monstrous Penguin and Max Shreck, while drawn to the free yet mysterious Catwoman.


Bruce Wayne almost cautiously begins his career as the Caped Crusader, and is soon up against the maniacal schemes of the Joker.


The series follows a young James Gordon of the GCPD, along with the evolution of Bruce Wayne and a variety of adversaries.

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