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Star Trek: Enterprise

In the 2250s, before the founding of the Federation, the crew of the first Warp 5 capable spaceship, Enterprise NX-01, explore the galaxy, and find trouble they must make themselves ready to handle.

Doctor Who: Resolution

The first Dalek to arrive on Earth was barely defeated centuries before by unlikely allies, and now the Doctor and her friends must fight this resurrected monster in the present before it succeeds in conquering the planet.

Star Trek: First Contact

The crew of the Enterprise-E must go back in time to prevent the Borg from conquering and assimilating humanity, while Capt. Picard must finally deal with the repressed horrors the Borg inflicted upon him years prior.

Mystery Men

Lesser superheroes must surpass themselves when an aging Captain Amazing, to improve his PR, springs an old foe onto the city.

Ruthless People

To obtain her fortune, psychopathic businessman Sam Stone seeks to kill his wife, who is kidnapped before he could do so, while Stone's mistress botches a blackmail scheme based on Stone's intent.

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