Star Trek: Short Treks

Years: 2018 – Present

Synopsis: An anthology series that explores the Star Trek universe.

• At its best, adds to Trek past and present, often teasing or expanding on themes from contemporaneous series.
• Embraces its anthological nature in a way that makes every episode have an unexpected story.
• Though it lacks consistent characters, the self contained episodes can make it feel more like the original series and TNG than present series.
• Having whimsical and familiar stories with known characters like Harry Mudd and Captain Pike make it all feel worthwhile.

• Story quality can feel inconsistent, given its anthological construction.
• Some stories can feel apocryphal, when one slips into details like uniforms and visuals.
• Some episodes either feel too long or not long enough, as episode length varies significantly.

At first, Short Treks can come off as a bit of a side-show. Some of its best episodes are just fun one-off stories to watch before CBS releases the next series (some episodes much better than others). At the same time, there are episodes that give us interesting origin stories and character developments of characters in the main series. The side-show sense is normally surpassed. Anything can be expressed or explored in Short Treks. That is a good thing.

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