Star Trek: Discovery

Years: 2017 – present

Synopsis: In the 2250s, a mutinous science officer joins a crew of misfits, only to uncover mysteries and end wars.

• Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham provides one of the most dynamic hearts of any Trek series.
• The core cast — the ones not written out within a season — created a unique crew with a big chip on its shoulder.
• The anthological approach of a different story arc per season helps to provide complete stories without assuming viewers are still willing to wait almost a decade for the full story.
• Walks the walk of true equality the series has always preached.
• With the focus largely away from a consistent captain, the show is at times more like the unique “Lower Decks” episodes of prior series.
• Never afraid to bring back storylines (Mirror Universe) and lesser known characters (Captain Christopher Pike) to not only create intriguing story arcs, but also to expand the franchise’s mythos.

• The anthological approach can make seasons feel disconnected, and could make the show feel inconsistent in the long run.
• Can be a bit melodramatic at times, when some viewers might want to just get on with it.

The needs of the many …

With Discovery being the first series the franchise put out in over a decade — and the proceeding Enterprise essentially being canceled in favor of cheaper reality TV, there was a lot of pressure to not only make something bold, but also something well integrated with the mythos. Yes, we were still exploring the Kelvin Timeline in the films, but that was largely its own quantum reality. Discovery certainly took its time to come to the airwaves, well, CBS All Access waves via WiFi, and the certain bickering of anthology or not made the show just that much better. At its best, the show took what worked well in the prior series, while woking to be its own series. We are given story arcs, but only one season each, instead of one for seven long seasons. We are given a prequel and a sequel that wedges itself into a time barely outlined in Trek lore, which the show effortlessly elaborates upon. Discovery made itself into an intriguing anti-flying dutchman, not unlike Voyager. We may never know what Discovery’s personal future holds, but it will always be there to add more color to the franchise.

Star Trek Franchise

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes
S1 – 83%
S2 – 83%
S3 – TBA


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