Santa’s Slay

Year: 2005

Synopsis: After a thousand years of gift giving, Santa Claus’ true nature reappears.

• Bill Goldberg’s rendition of a satanic Santa Claus drove the film.
• The suggestion that Santa did change from his thousand year experience of “goodness,” in how he sarcastically applied the Christmas mythos to his killing spree.
• Genuinely inventive at times in its subversion of the generic Christmas film and the holidays in general.
• A delight for those with the darkest, most sarcastic senses of humor.
• Made a surprising degree of sense in the revelation of Santa’s apparently dark origin.
• Never took itself too seriously.

• Never quite lived up to the madcap insanity of the first scene.
• A bit sappy at times, in direct conflict with the film’s darker themes.
• Everything felt rather random at times, making the overall plot rather thin.
• Scenes without Satanic Nick were largely forgettable.

What exactly is Santa Clause? His origins are certainly obscure, while much of the mythos is twisted with a mix of pagan, Christian, and commercial concepts. Then there is the fact that he knows if you are naughty or nice and is somehow everywhere the night before Christmas, like something out of 1984. We convince ourselves it’s a kind of magic, before realizing how ridiculous it all is at the core. Well, maybe Santa’s Slay was not really made to make anyone put much thought into it. Santa is a ride into absurdity, antichrist figure or no.

Rotten Tomatoes — N/A


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