Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Year: 2019

Synopsis: The sum total of the forces of light and darkness meet through the nostalgic aether to fight for the future of the galaxy.

• All the actors involved provided strong performances that helped to make up for the films weaknesses.
• Many of the visuals were as beautiful as they were horrifying.
• An ultimately satisfying crescendo of an at times violent and cerebral fairy tale.
• Once Ray’s origins are fully known, the film pulled its very many moving parts together.
• The latter third of the film, after Palpatine’s dark machinations are largely laid bare, was gloriously epic with some unexpected twists and turns.
• The layering of Ray’s origin was genuinely interesting.
• Super Palpatine v Super Ray: Dawn of the Future!
• Like Force Awakens, was highly reminiscent of Star Wars video games like Knight of the Old Republic and its sequel. The Jedi and Sith are gods, and few truly understood what that meant, let alone what that fact meant in the face of uncertain destiny.
• Leia …

• Perhaps took nearly half the film for it all to really come together. We were literally spanning the galaxy minute to minute, and not adding much to the story for a while.
• In contrast to Last Jedi, perhaps tried too hard to satisfy fans.
• Would not make any sense to those unfamiliar with the overarching narrative, especially the critics.
• While the plot twists made the climax intriguing, it might have been a more interesting form of dark foreshadowing — and more smoothly digested — if one or two were integrated in prior installments.

Star Wars has always been everything at once. It was no one from nowhere. It was the sins of the father against your own future. It was good versus evil. It was save or conquer. Yet, it always tried to be something that wanted to have its own twists. Did its contradictory nature ever truly fly itself off the rails into bantha fodder? No, not really. It was always a story that thrived on conflict and the hope that may still be found within that conflict. Even C-3PO found a moment in Rise where he was in clear conflict with his hardwired programing. Such conflict bled into the fans, who sometimes fed more on hate than hope more recently. As such, the story brought out the conflicting truths of humanity, which can save as easily as destroy. In the end, no one really likes endings, as many do not understand that death card. Doctor Who has shown so many ends and beginnings, yet that never made the ending of the Doctor’s songs any less painful. The hope, in the end, is always in that uncertain future that can be shaped in new and better ways to keep the story never-ending …

Star Wars Franchise

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Rotten Tomatoes: 55%


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