Year: 2019

Synopsis: 34 years after Adrian Veidt dropped a squid monster onto Manhattan to save the world from annihilation, heroes new and old slowly come together to find the world on the brink again.

• A perfectly paced plot that might have impressed F.W. Murnau.
• Recreated the miracle of making the viewer feel for the deeply tortured and flawed heroes, many of which we never knew before.
• New heroes like Sister Night (Angela Abar) and Looking Glass/Mirror Guy (Wade Tillman) held their own against the familiar like Adrien Veidt and Laurie Black.
• The inclusion of the racial elements, especial the real life Tulsa Riot of 1921, highlighted generational pain and stress beyond the original graphic novel.
• The storytelling perfectly mimicked and outdid the often shrouded imagery seen in the graphic novel, disorienting the viewer in just the right ways. The haunting musical score exemplified that disorientation.
• The plot between Dr Manhattan and Angela was almost painful to watch.
• The line between hero and villain was gloriously blurred.

• The inclusion of the more racially charged elements might shy away fans of the original story.
• Elements of the story might have been easy to misinterpret.
• Not for those without the patience to handle multiple interwoven plots.

While watching the series, I heard someone comment in real life about Hooded Justice’s noose right before the series itself explained it in the most surrealistic of ways. Indeed, the character’s backstory was intentionally left vague in the original story, with “assumed” elements that never really made sense in light of that noose. Hooded Justice metaphorically highlighted the genius of Watchmen. The story is filled with many important details, but we never seem to get them all in the right order. The details can be masked, they can be lies. At the same time, the mask itself can bring out the truth in someone. The reality always lied in how the mask was worn. Only then can the masks of heroes and villains be melted away to show their reality. Only then can the doomsday clock be reversed for a time.


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S1 — 96%


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