The Quiet Earth

Year: 1985

Synopsis: A scientist awakens to a world devoid of people, and theorizes he might have helped to cause the silent cataclysm.

• A vivid story of helplessness and what people will do to overcome it.
• At times was a fascinating meditation of how impossibly lonely people later react and work with others.
• The tremors from the Effect were wonderfully surreal at times, giving forgotten precedence to gravity defying films like the later Matrix.
• The concept of constants of the universe suddenly changing is a horrifying concept.
• The ending gives an impressive, surreal sense of awe along side the apparently surviving character.

• The lack of explanation and understandable resolution, particularly the final scene, might have confused some viewers.
• The sequence of one character having an elaborate nervous breakdown might have come off sillier than intended.

Humans are normally highly social creatures. Yes, we all need our moments of solitude, but isolation might just be the most psychologically damaging in the long run. All three of the main characters seemed to have isolated themselves to some degree before the world broke. The scientist especially seemed isolated prior, literally overdosing on pills just before the first Effect. The survivors were forced to relearn who they were, and maybe they wondered how much that mattered in the long run. Maybe it did not matter whether they were all in Purgatory or a broken world. It was perhaps about learning who we are, and what we can do with that understanding.

Rotten Tomatoes — 75%


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