Spider-Man: Far From Home

Year: 2019

Synopsis: Nick Fury and Mysterio recruit the young Peter Parker/Spider-Man to fight alien monsters known as the Elementals, but nothing is as it seems.

• Tom Holland is amazing as the rather awkward, still very young, gravity defying Spider-Man.
• Jake Gyllenhaal was amazing as the reality defying Mysterio. You do want to believe him, no matter how much you wonder from the beginning.
• Nick Fury was the antagonistic ally we need. Happy Hogan and Ned Leeds were the sidekicks we all want. MJ was the anti Lois Lane we deserve.
• A near perfect character driven adventure, with an almost cathartic level of self-awareness.
• Teases the superhero genre itself with the Peter Tingle.
• The blurring of reality and the reveals rooted from across the MCU were incredible.
• Far more than the epilogue for the Infinity Saga than one might suspect.

• The reality twists might have been hard to swallow for some, whether they were seen coming or not.
• Maybe there weren’t enough reality bending, holographic sequences.
• The stakes were a bit lower than in prior MCU installments.

He who controls the past controls the future …

Far From Home was haunted by the past. For some, it was made worse by not even existing for five years, and for others, made worse by existing through it all. Stark was gone, and no one really knew who to believe in anymore. Peter liked being a superhero, but he did not want to be the kind of symbol Stark was. And then, the present was attacked by an unsatisfied ambition twisted by endless sidelining. We identify with them all, because we all experienced their plight in some form: sidelining, awkwardness, loss, needs. Superheroes and their nemeses literally mask their inner struggles, and destroy and save. And then Mysterio gets the last laugh … Spider-Man: Far From Home was perhaps the most real and fun MCU installment up to this point.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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The Daily Bugle

Rotten Tomatoes — 90%


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