Halloween II

Year: 1981

Synopsis: Michael Myers continues to pursue Lorie Strode, killing any in his way.

• A largely satisfying continuation for those looking for more after the first’s cliffhanger.
• Jamie Lee Curtis provided a compelling performance in desperate survival.
• Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Loomis was perhaps even more compelling and human in the sequel, especially in the climax.
• There were some truly surreal moments with Michael, like almost casually walking through a glass door. He seemed to be flexing his natural instinct to kill in his more flexible methods.
• The soundtrack still provided a true intensity, exemplifying the evil depicted.

• The writing seemed weaker, less primal than the first.
• Felt like the film was running on fumes at times.
• It was unclear if Michael’s strange slowness at times, particularly in his pursuit of Laurie, was a result of recent injuries.
• The police came off as downright incompetent. A teenage trick-or-treater was blown up by a police car, no police detail for the survivor even after it was confirmed Michael was still at large. And where were Laurie’s parents!?


What was interesting here was how this film seemed to work through some of the riddles in the first film. Michaels motive’s were seemingly made clearer by Laurie apparently being Michael’s other sister. He also seemed to be following some kind of evil instinct related to Halloween itself. But in the end, maybe none of that really mattered anyway. Laurie Strode was still almost inexplicably able to evade in ways no others could. This was certainly not the last we saw of the masked bogey man, but probably the last time the story worked as well as it did for decades …

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Rotten Tomatoes — 28%


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