Halloween (2018)

Year: 2018

Synopsis: The silent killer Michael Myers was recaptured 40 years ago. The traumatized Laurie Strode failed to live a normal life in that time. The two reunite after Michael finally escapes again.

• The whole cast breathed life into a once rotting franchise.
• Was the sequel we deserved decades ago, featuring the primal, enigmatic evil lost in the sequels.
• Successfully modernized the slasher genre with the same heart and realism and anxiety of the first firm.
• Highlighted the psychological effects of trauma, while showing how the viewer was affected as well in the meta sense.
• The opposing natures of Michael and Laurie were more apparent than ever, as it was fascinating to see how the two adapted to each other.
• Hearing the voice of the long dead Dr. Loomis, who advocated for Myer’s execution after recapture, was downright gothic.
• Dr. Sartain proved fascinating as essentially the anti Dr. Loomis, literally embodying those fans, all of us, who became overly obsessed by the forever enigmatic Michael Myers.
• Leaves the viewer obsessed with what’s next.

• The dramatic level of violence was certainly not for the faint of heart.
• Fans of the old series might not have been pleased by how the film erased the developed mythology.

Having a flat, rotting pumpkin slowly come back to life in the opening credits was perfectly symbolic of the franchise next to this “soft” reboot. Myers and Loomis were basically resurrected after Season of the Witch, but the raw, primal energy was long gone, replaced by that voyeuristic need to watch and fail to understand an undying masked killer. At least Freddy Kruger could maniacally laugh at us for still watching his work! But what if Michael was simply captured and thrown back into his prison instead of killing almost everyone at an unguarded hospital except Laurie Strode? It is arguably more consistent with how he just shut off when he was a child. At the same time, it adds just that much more to the enigmatic character that some loose their minds trying to understand. Don’t let the gray hair fool you, the monster is simply wiser …

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Rotten Tomatoes — 79%


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