Living with Yourself

Year: 2019

Synopsis: After finding himself in a personal and professional rut, Miles (Paul Rudd) pays a mysterious spa for a kind of rejuvenation. He survives by accident, and learns that he was cloned into a better version of himself.

• Paul Rudd perfectly portrayed two distinct versions of the character, especially their often antagonistic relationship.
• The wife (Aisling Bea), and half-sister (Alia Shawcat) perfectly countered the madness of twins never meant to be.
• A remarkably well implemented meditation on what it means to be yourself, as well as what it means to reconcile with yourself.
• While high concept, the humor was well done, from euphoric rediscovery to punchlines culminating several episodes later.
• The overlapping, non-linear narrative confirmed its metaphysical heart.

• The humor was not as madcap as the premise suggested.
• The darker themes at times felt in conflict with the narrative’s comedic side.

So, what do you get when you mix the DNA of Multiplicity with Michael Keaton and The Sixth Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger? A remarkably surreal and ultimately goodhearted story about the self and how knowingly ridiculous it all is. The secret cloning organization was going to collapse in some way, and the failure to kill the original merely hastened its demise. All those bodies would have been found eventually! Are you me or am I you? When all is deconstructed and laid bare we might just have to realize that we are the result of it all, for good or ill. Hate it, love it, confuse it. Maybe all that really matters is that Tom Brady unwittingly clones himself to stay fresh.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 84%


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