Star Trek

Year: 2009

Synopsis: The vengeful Nero accidentally travels back in time, creating an alternate reality, and literally destroys worlds.

• The new cast had a distinct glee in successfully remaking Star Trek as we knew it.
• The inclusion of the original or “Prime” Spock made for the perfect key to making the film work. Leonard Nimoy had been a kind of old sage for a long time in Trek.
• The story was genuinely engaging, and at times truly shocking. If not the level of old Khan, Nero (Eric Bana) proved to be one of the best villains of the franchise.
• The cerebral elements like the universe unfolding in natural ways, in spite of changing the past, was well implemented.
• Captain Christopher Pike!

• The changes might have been too much for some fans, even though this was an alternate reality.

James T. Kirk: You know, coming back in time, changing history… that’s cheating.
Spock Prime: A trick I learned from an old friend.

Perhaps the most fascinating elements of this installment, which began the so called Kelvin Timeline, was in its most cerebral of elements. We are given origin stories of Kirk, Spock, and to a lesser extent, Dr. McCoy. But because this is set in an alternate reality, not only must we take the origins with a grain of salt, but also we were allowed to be fine with that. We already knew Spock had a rough childhood; we already knew Kirk cheated in the otherwise unwinnable Kobayashi Maru simulation. The details behind those events were probably not identical to the Prime timeline, but it was still fascinating to see a version of them on the big screen. And then, they all ended up right where they needed to be to defeat Nero, who unfortunately destroy Vulcan already. Our heroes were never perfect, but we already knew that. This was all very much in line with the many traversable alternate realities already depicted in the franchise.

At the same time, this film succeeded in being more than just an apology for the unfortunate Nemesis. It was everything it could have possibly been, and did a great job at it. This was one of the most Star Trek installments of all of Star Trek: familiar faces, a familiar villain, time travel, the whole Federation at stake. This worked when it probably had no right to. That was somehow part of it, however. It did not have to all come together. Yet, the fact that it did made the film just that much more enjoyable.

Star Trek Franchise

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 94%


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