Star Trek: Nemesis

Year: 2002

Synopsis: A forgotten clone of Picard, Shinzon, takes over the Romulan Star Empire, and ultimately threatens the Federation.

• The genuine comfort the main cast had with their familiar roles helped to make up for the films definitive weaknesses.
• It was great to see the Romulans on the big screen, and while it might be a minority opinion, the revelation of the Remans as a slave race offshoot of them was interesting.
• Picard ultimately utilizing his own overconfidence to defeat Shinzon was really great to watch.
• The B4 subplot was amusing, and mirrored the main Shinzon-Picard plot well enough.
• Though not as memorable as she should have been, the Romulan Donatra (Dina Meyer) was a wonderfully dynamic character.
• The visuals were top-notch.

• Was the worst of the TNG films, and is a worthy debate on if it was worse than Final Frontier. Even though the main cast knew their characters, the director could not hide his lack of understanding of Trek’s nuances.
• Though Tom Hardy gave it his all, Shinzon was an underwhelming villain, and was basically just space Dr. Evil.
• Felt like a missed opportunity to dive into the Romulan culture on the big screen.
• Failed to dive into the cagey Picard’s psyche like in First Contact, in spite of Shinzon literally being a dark reflection.
• Many plot elements felt rehashed from the prior installments: a villain out for vengeance, a character sacrificing himself in a way that suggested possible resurrection. Indeed, Data’s sacrifice lacked the punch Spock’s has to this day.
• The mind rape scene was strange, random, and uncomfortable, and added nothing to the film.

I read a review years ago for Nemesis that led with “It’s dead, Jim.” Though there was still life in Enterprise — and now numerous succeeding installments, there was some truth in that. Enterpise was a weaker series, while Nemesis was simply weak. The future was not looking bright for the franchise. Still, Nemesis did have its moments, while it did add to the franchise, in spite of itself. Data’s seeming demise gave the character a finality that Data himself surmised long ago, as Picard just keeps finding dark corners of and from himself. Even though the franchise was beside itself here, the story was far from over …

Star Trek Franchise

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Rotten Tomatoes — 37%


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