Star Trek: Insurrection

Year: 1998

Synopsis: The crew of the Enterprise-E fights against Starfleet’s plans to annex a planet for its rejuvenating properties.

• An overall fun, sometimes cerebral story.
• The main cast showed just how comfortable they are in their roles, helping to make up for this installment’s weaknesses.
• The history and relationship between the Son’a and Ba’ku were genuinely interesting, and were a passable allegory to cultures that politically split on Earth.
• It was good to see Picard at least touch on him being the last of his family, if only for the longest of brief moments.
• Has nice touches for fans of the then current DS9, with how Worf, who was reassigned to that eponymous station, needed to re-adapt to life on a starship to aid his old crew.
• Had some genuinely great visuals.
• Just barely succeeded in not being less than the sum of its parts.

• Not at all greater than the sum of its parts.
• Felt too much like a two-parter from TNG, and not one of the best.
• Rebelling against corrupt superiors had become a bit of a cliche the film could not overcome.
• The ending seemed to glaze over the fact that Picard did disobey direct orders, which should have led to some kind of inquiry. Picard and co were in the right, but still …
• Perhaps had one of the most misleading titles in the franchise’s history, being suggestive of some epic uprising within the Federation that did not happen in the film.

Just like the simulation!

Insurrection was not really a misstep. It was, however, a miscalculation. They went big with First Contact, and while there was no epic film arc planned, like with the second through fourth films, there was certainly the good will that allowed whatever story the producers wanted. Well, they opted for an at times lighthearted, sometimes cerebral affair, confusingly cementing it all with a misleading title. Was the fountain of youth plot good? Sure! The main cast was not getting any younger, as the Federation was not getting any younger. DS9 was already highlighting cracks in the Federation’s idealistic base. What happened in Insurrection was likely one of many inevitable issues the best Starfleet captains needed to resolve, no matter the cost. This film could have been so much more, but it was what it was.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 54%


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