Doctor Who: Resolution

Year: 2019

Synopsis: The first Dalek to arrive on Earth was barely defeated centuries before by unlikely allies, and now the Doctor and her friends must fight this resurrected monster in the present before it succeeds in conquering the planet.

• An overall strong, dark story featuring a unique variant of an old foe.
• The reference to the suspended UNIT in conjunction with a veiled jab at Brexit was more than welcome.
• Remarkably added to the long Dalek backstory without requiring the viewer to know that history.
• There were times the story felt more akin to old sci-fi and lovecraftian horror, particularly The Body Snatchers.
• Was more than just a one-off special, succeeding in pushing the updated cast forward to new adventures.

• As had been the case at the start of this era, parts of the special were very slow moving.
• Some of the subplot involving Graham, Ryan, and Ryan’s father were a bit overlong, and did not add as much as it should have.

Not counting the slowness, this special positively showed how Thirteen and co are here to stay. Not only can they handle ancient monsters from across the galaxy, but also the monsters within themselves. That is, perhaps, how Doctor Who was from the very beginning. The Doctor always fought monsters, but had to reconcile what they had to become to do so. The Doctor’s companions are always transformed into something new, but also need to grapple with the monsters they were or gained within. To do so required more than just fighting the monsters in front of them. The heroes survived by finding the resolution that made them whole.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 95%


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