House 4: The Repossession

Year: 1992

Synopsis: After the seemingly accidental death of her husband, a woman moves into her late husband’s mysterious old house with her daughter, while dealing with the scheming brother-in-law.

• Some genuinely surreal visuals, with a few good scares.
• The dream sequences were well done, all things considered.
• The house itself seemed almost darkly playful, and was quick to learn who its real enemies were.
• The contrast between supernatural madness (the house) and human madness (local organized crime) was an interesting contrast, especially in how the two interacted.

• Though “Roger Cobb” returns, the fact that he is really a different character in this film was likely disappointing at best and confusing at worst for fans of the first film.
• Though the plot itself is fairly tight, not much really happens, while it was quite melodramatic.
• A sappy ending, par the course.

Though none ever matched the first, there was some consistency in these supernaturally infested Houses. All of those houses had distinct personalities, either enigmatic or stemming from a specific entity. The first and last had the most distinct personalities of their own, with the last easily the most enigmatic. Repossession presented a house that never seems to like anyone at first, but itself was not necessarily evil. More interesting was how it took such a dislike to the mobster thugs that it destroyed them in shocking and surprising ways. Yeah, it was not a house that liked people, but at least it did what was hopefully right in the long run.

Rotten Tomatoes — N/A


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