Year: 2019

Synopsis: After the events that led to the emergence of the Horde and the Beast, David Dunn (The Overseer) works to stop the supervillain(s), but nothing is as it seems.

• All the actors gave it their all, highlighting the character-driven heart of the plot-driven story.
• Pauson’s Dr. Staple was a fascinating antagonist, who forwarded false conclusions based on truth.
• Was still very much grounded in realism. Not everyone can bend iron bars, but some can.
• Successfully showed the malleability of the line between hero and villain when another nemesis is shadowed in plain sight.
• Did highlight how people can change and evolve through the influence of others.
• Arguably satisfying overall for fans of the hyper-realistic world of these objectively extraordinary people. Mr. Glass might not have known the full extent of what he was up against, but was still able to leverage his remarkable intellect enough for it to not matter.

• Way overlong, and almost painfully slow at times. It was as if there was only about ninety minutes of story, but Shyamalan required a two-hour film.
• Perhaps was a bit too cerebral for its own good.
• Might feel rather underwhelming for those now expecting the more grandiose stories found in superhero films today, while the climactic scene was not built to please fans.

What is the difference between the Olympian and the Superhumans of comic books? They all believe in themselves, and what they can do. In martial arts, if you don’t believe you can punch through a board, push through like it was never there, then the board wins. David Dunn, the Hoard, Mr. Glass, and possibly even Casey Cooke all channeled their beliefs in a way that followed patterns of heroes and villains, thanks to very specific moments in their lives that suggested previously unbelievable paths. Oh yes, those were paths that could have led to escalating violence, or perhaps not. Some comic book stories do suggest superheroes can beat the villains until there are none. Mr. Glass was creator of death, superheroes, and supervillains, but in the end, perhaps most ponderously, the creator of a new era of humanity. The Olympian shows the world what is humanly possible. The Superhuman tries to save humanity in their own ways. Mr. Glass was the man that opened doors no matter the cost.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 37%


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