Edge of Tomorrow

Year: 2014

Synopsis: An alien invasion force has taken Europe, and a cowardly public relations officer and fearless war hero may hold the key to saving the world.

• Tom Cruise was brilliant as the cowardly, reluctant hero, while Emily Blunt was the perfect counter as the cold warrior. Both had hearts, but were rarely in a position to do anything about it.
• Bill Paxton probably delivered some of the best lines of the film, worth hearing over and over …
• Took the familiar time-loop trope, and successfully weaponized it.
• A sense of utter desperation permeated the film, as many characters put on thick masks to hide it.
• The distinct undertones of Lovecraftian Weird Fiction flowed through every alien tentacle.
• Should be seen a hundred times.

• There were moments where the narrative slipped into arguably generic action.
• If not the final act, the story was not wholly unpredictable.

Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!

There’s nothing quite like the time-loop plot. We can learn every detail, but in so doing we create new details. We can act like there’re no consequences, but you can die so many times that you no longer feel like you exist. The key is learning how to end the loop in a manner we do not regret, because in time, we learn to regret in new and more profound ways. Well, that might only be the case if we’re human. Edge of Tomorrow’s unique yet logical twist was in how the alien invaders used the loop to conquer worlds, making themselves powerful gods. The chaos of humans gaining the gift just barely led to beating back the invaders. But perhaps, that was not to be the last battle to be fought over and over …

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 90%


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