Year: 2018

Synopsis: Grown men continue the elaborate game of tag they began as children.

• An absurdist, goodhearted ride just self-aware enough to make the story fun.
• All the actors-comedians involved had way too much fun.
• The slowed moments featuring internal dialogue were perhaps some of the more unique comedic moments featured.
• Deception and questioning of situations was an interesting element.
• Showing pics and clips of the real-life friends playing the game added a degree of authenticity to what would otherwise seem ludicrous.

• Somehow did not embrace its inherent uniqueness, opting instead to embrace more traditional slapstick humor.
• While still providing laughs, felt like it ran out of gas about 90 minutes in.
• The more dramatic elements, like one revealed to be dying of cancer later in the film, felt forced and unnecessary. The love triangle backstory did not add much as well.
• Some of the more interpersonal elements felt underdeveloped, including the alcoholism of one of the friends.

It takes a lot of effort to make stupid comedy that is actually watchable. Tag is a decent example, if only just. They are adults playing tag, the same game they have been playing since children. So we are given a theoretical view into just how crazy adults may make such a game: deception, strategy, tactics. They were certainly not 10 anymore! Perhaps the glue that held this together at all was the fact that this really was not theoretical. This was based on actual grown friends continuing that spark of childhood. It was like that old Twilight Zone episode, “Kick the Can,” where we learned we never had to completely throw away that magical joy of childhood.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 56%


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