Year: 2019

Synopsis: A young girl is traumatized after somehow seeing an apparent copy of herself, and as an adult finds herself under siege by doppelgängers.

• Lupita Nyong’o and the rest of the cast were perfect as themselves and the mysterious doppelgängers.
• Jordan Peele perfectly wove a story as familiar as gloriously unique. He knows the horrors we have seen, because he has seen them all, too.
• The fallacy of duality was highlighted in the bloodiest of ways.
• A distinct stillness permeated much of the film, while there was a distinct, inexplicable primal terror.
• A direct indictment on people’s short attention spans, fear of the other, and deeply engrained desire for the seemingly unattainable.
• The distinct undertone of Lovecratian Weird Fiction was well implemented.
• It was us all along.

• The raw intensity of the film was not for everyone.
• Not for those looking for a standard slasher, let alone genre horror.

The real genius of Us lay in the fact that there was plausibility in its underlying themes. Indeed, documentaries like Three Identical Strangers highlighted the improbable possibility of meeting a twin you never knew existed, thanks to the so called “Twins Study,” which literally separated siblings at birth. At the same time, we are growing more and more distracted and suppressed by seemingly everything to the point that some of us might not even know how to accept a once improbable reality staring us in the face with long, sharp scissors. Us was everything and nothing in an all too real world mirroring our own.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 94%


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