Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Year: 2018

Synopsis: Miles Morales is unexpectedly bitten by a radioactive spider, and is quickly swept up in a psychotic plot by Kingpin that inadvertently sucked other versions of Spider-Man into their universe.

• Took the very DNA of comic books, and made something as similar as it was unique.
• Once adapted to the “comic book” styling of the animation, it felt like what we all wanted those old Marvel-based cartoons to be like.
• Was a genuinely fun story that looked forward while honoring the past.
• Every version of Spider-Man created the most unique set of odd couples that loved each other in the most meta of ways, as the new Morales Spider-Man was the most unique of all of them.
• Though technically self-indulgent, that indulgence was somehow part of the fun.
• Having Kingpin as the primary antagonist in a Spider-Man film cemented the film’s uniqueness amongst all the Spider-Man films. Kingpin is pure brains and brawn and intensity, gloriously lacking the campiness and foolishness of other villains depicted in most other Spidey films.
• Far less predictable than the average origin story.
• The multiverse storyline diabolically connected every version of Spider-Man, creating a possibly infinite set of theoretical crossover stories.

• The animation style can feel a little odd at first for those used to the now plentiful live action superhero films.
• As an origin story, some suspense was negated under the knowledge that at least Miles Morales was going to survive and probably win.

The suit always does fit eventually, even if it might take a leap of faith to make us understand who we really are. That might just be true for the film itself. The unique yet familiar animation style can be a bit strange at first, while this was an origin story for the next generation Spider-Man. What made it work at the beginning was how we were not really forced to love it all, as alt Peter Parker was gloomier than Spider-Noir. Yet, they were all likable via their subtle and blatant imperfections. Many were forced to find themselves or reboot in their own way to survive, especially alt-Peter and Miles. At the same time, Kingpin was unwilling to accept or understand the change Spider-Man once forced upon him, leading to the near destruction of the multiverse. This was a film about how accepting and moving past our imperfections with the help of others can make us all better people.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 97%


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