What About Bob?

Year: 1991

Synopsis: Clingy, multi-phobic Bob Wiley has destroyed psychiatrists and charmed everyone else. Egotistical Dr. Leo Marvin finds out just how much therapy Bob desperately wants.

• Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss power the film by being the most hilariously virulent odd couple ever seen on film. Their characters were perfect mirror images of each other.
• The physical and verbal comedy were perfectly executed.
• Nearly every scene was a laugh a minute.
• At times funnier on subsequent viewings.

• Fairly simple and predictable plot.
• Some of the more violent reactions depicted in the film might have seemed over the top for some viewers.

Bob v Dr. Marvin: Dawn of Death Therapy

What exactly is therapy for the neediest of patients? Are some patients receiving a kind of addictive placebo effect, or are there still hard truths to uncover beyond the obsessive needs of the patient? The answer to that probably depends on the patient, or maybe if the psychiatrist isn’t on vacation. Bob Wiley was a genuinely nice guy that obsessively wanted help. The problem was that Bob did not care about boundaries to receive that help. Dr. Leo Marvin probably could have more traditionally helped Bob, but Dr. Marvin was at his most self-obsessed. Bob destroyed Dr. Marvin, because Dr. Marvin forgot not everything was about him. Dr. Marvin saved Bob, because Dr. Marvin gave him a kind of harsh therapy — that was not really therapy (it was attempted murder) — that Bob really needed. They awoke each other to their own imperfect selves. Indeed, in real life, Murray and Dreyfuss brought out madness between each other, leading to a remarkably genuine film.

Rotten Tomatoes — 83%


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