Captain Marvel

Year: 2019

Synopsis: In 1995, Vers/Carol Danvers learns her true origins after years of manipulations, and comes to learn who she really is.

• Brie Larson brilliantly powered the eponymous role from a cool mask hiding deep emotions to the fiery power of self-acceptance. Carol Danvers was as human as anyone, chaining herself to a mask a society helped her to create.
• Was a film of powerful subtleties, as it was direct in its message of not giving up.
• The young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was genuinely fun, as it was great to see Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) back in the film saddle (with higher hair).
• Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) was a remarkable antihero, who hid his tortured soul with his mask of sarcastic, self-aware whit.
• Jude Law was almost too good as the psychopathic Yon-Rogg.
• Goose is such a good kitty …

• Fairly standard sci-fi origin story plot, as it was a bit overshadowed by the other MCU films.
• Did feel a bit slow at times, with sometimes odd breaks between the action.
• Did not embrace the 1990s nostalgia as much as it could have.

I have nothing to prove to you.

The masks we wear might just be the main plot of the film. Yon-Rogg lost himself to his mask of zealotry and absolute belief. Nick Fury put on a witty mask to hide his fear and growing dislike of SHIELD. Talos put on sometimes literal masks of villainy, scarring all that he was to save those he loved. Phill Coulson hid behind the mask of duty, only to reveal he could be so much more to Fury and Danvers in a quick moment. Goose was more than a cat. The most significant mask was worn by Carol Danvers, who was manipulated to wear a mask by the name of “Vers” to hide from herself. When that mask was chipped away, there was no way to know what was underneath. Yet, she was always the cool yet stubborn hero that always stood back up. She always knew who she was, but was constantly being forced to forget. That is the imperfect hero the MCU has gifted to us. All the Avengers learned long ago that staying down was never the answer. They are who they are. They are good hearted kids from New York, they are mad scientists, they are imperfect godlike aliens. They are superheroes because of who they are.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 78%


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