Avengers: Endgame

Year: 2019

Synopsis: After Thanos succeeds in turning half the universe to dust, the surviving Avengers come together to enact a desperate plan to reverse everything.

• An epic, emotionally powerful, character driven story unlike any other in cinema history.
• From the actors to characters, everyone involved knew what they had to do, no matter how difficult.
• Essentially ripped apart every cinematic convention and put it all back together for an experience unlike any other.
• The pacing was timed perfectly, making the lulls just as well placed as the epic action sequences.
• There was no requirement to like any of the heroes or antiheroes, and that somehow made all the characters just that much more likable.
• Thanos will inevitably go down as the best, most pure supervillain of all time.
• Was an ending as satisfying as it was powerful.

• The time travel elements might be hard to fully wrap one’s head around if not all of the prior films were seen.
• Not truly unlredictable, especially for those familiar with the comic books.
• Hulk angry for having trouble finding cons!

All stories have an ending, even the ones with a time machine. Endgame was all about screaming into time itself to have a say in our own end and how others had no say whatsoever. We can love the end — we can hate the end, but it always comes for us. Yet, can we really have a say in what does come for us? Maybe. To utilize time travel to change things may be cheating, but to use the past to reshape the present might be a whole other matter. In the end, there is no good way to sum up a three hour tour filled with completely reinvented, heart wrenching, cinematic depth. But perhaps a couple things can be said …

The song of the Infinity Saga is at its end, but the story lives on …

Goodby Stan Lee. We all thank you, including the damn hippies

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 96%


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