Miracle Workers

Year: 2019

Synopsis: A disenchanted God (Steve Buscemi) is accidentally convinced to destroy Earth unless an impossible prayer is answered.

• Steve Buscemi is God.
• Daniel Radcliff (Miracle Worker Craig) was genuinely hilarious as a shy cursing angel, as Geraldine Viswanathan (Miracle Worker Eliza), Karan Soni (God’s Executive Sanjay), Lolly Adefope (God’s Assistant Rosie), and the rest powered the absurdist plot.
• Applied the overall feel of a Douglas Adams story strongly.
• At times applied dark humor to show the consequences of intervening in people’s lives, even if it was to save Earth from destruction.
• Highlighted how ridiculous and wonderful the Earth is.
• Had an overall interesting mythology, involving an apparent family of gods.

• Might come off as overly sentimental.
• The rather anti-religious themes probably turned off some viewers.
• Felt like the premise might not have been leveraged as much as it could have at times, as the overall story relied heavily on the viewer’s liking of the characters.

Perhaps the best element of the limited series was the concept that meeting those put up on a pedestal might not be the experience we would expect. Heroes may be strange and complicated. So, too, would be the enigmatic God, whose very nature has been interpreted and reinterpreted by theologians forever, as some religions perceive multiple Gods. Supernatural portrayed God similarly, as a quirkily enigmatic being that ultimately found intervening often caused more harm than good. What does it all mean? Who knows!? But, maybe we should just know that our ridiculous world is worth fighting for.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 74%


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