Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Years: 1993 – 1999

Synopsis: On the fringes of Federation space, Starfleet administers a previously Cardassian space station, while dealing with the weak Bajoran Provisional Government, Cardassian posturing, an artificial wormhole made by godlike beings, and the malevolent mysteries on the other side of that wormhole.

• An overall successful dark take on the franchise’s idealistic themes. With some early tweaking, the more interconnected storylines worked, especially in the later seasons.
• The whole cast embraced their sometimes unusual roles in the context of their worlds, especially in the exploration of Ferangi, Cardassians, the Dominion Shapeshifters, and the nonlinear Prophets.
• Deepened the mythology of the franchise through often darker themes, while still highlighting the overall utopian nature of the Federation

• The interconnected and darker themes certainly turned off some fans of TNG and the original series, as the storyline was weaker in the first seasons.
• Though technically the fault of the overall franchise’s producers, failed to embrace the shared continuity with TNG and its films.

The Next Generation highlighted just about everything Sci-Fi had to offer, so a spin off had to run very differently. DS9 worked to be one continuous story, a kind of dark space western that succeeded in standing out amongst its predecessors. Yet, it was as much Star Trek as them all, highlighting interspecies relations, the good, bad, and ugly. Especially once the Dominion came to the forefront, we were given a chance to explore how wrong first contact can go, as well as the dark choices Starfleet was willing to embrace in a loosing war. The Earth may have been a paradise, but war was still ugly. The franchise did not always embrace the darker side of their worlds, but DS9 was never afraid to explore them.

Star Trek Franchise

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Rotten Tomatoes
S1 – 73%
S2 – 100%
S3 – 100%
S4 – 100%
S5 – 100%
S6 – 57%
S7 – 100%


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