Black Dynamite

Year: 2009

Synopsis: Black Dynamite, local hero and CIA agent, cleans up the streets to avenge his brother’s death, but learns of a far reaching conspiracy.

• A good hearted and effective sendup of the often quirky blaxsploitation genre.
• Michael Jai White was perfect, as was the rest of the cast.
• Wonderfully self-aware filmmaking on a low budget.
• The sight gags and blown lines were so well implemented that one had to wonder how many were intentional or accidentally done by the talented actors.
• I nearly died laughing during the Nixon scenes.

• Sometimes felt on the edge of collapsing under its own parodic weight.
• Might not have gone as far as it could have in its ridiculousness at times.
• Those unfamiliar with the cheaply made nature of the parodied films might have felt confused by the sometimes erratic plot.

Anyone that watched those low budget 1970s action films with Asian and African American heroes knows of the unintentional hilarity some provided. It was not really the fault of the films, per se. The righteous plots always had a positive message of empowerment of the disenfranchised or wronged. That powerful message just was often subdued by their lower budgets. Black Dynamite, too, had a lower budget with a plot full of righteousness. The only difference was that they chose to just have fun with it all, intentionally wiggling the boom mic next to the actor’s face in frame. They were winking at us the whole time, but knew we were already laughing at it all too hard to always notice. Anyway, Kung Fu Nixon may be the best supervillain ever conceived.

Official Website (archived)

Rotten Tomatoes — 83%


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