Star Trek: The Animated Series

Years: 1973 – 1974

Synopsis: In the final years of their mission of exploration, the crew of the USS Enterprise boldly goes where no one has gone before.

• An overall engaging set of stories, featuring most of the original cast’s voices.
• Provided backstories for characters like Spock that continue to be relevant in the franchise.
• The animation allowed for more fantastical imagery not possible under the lesser budget of the live action original series.
• Though it did not have a true series finale, this series technically did provide a conclusion to the five year mission.

• The animation style may look dated and cheap for today’s audience.
• The colors used at times did not always make much sense, or fully match the live action counterparts.
• Though now included in the franchise’s cannon, the fact that this was not until recently negated some of the show’s relevance in its mythology.

Every episode of the original series highlighted the fact that they were on a five year mission of pure exploration. Yet, the show was canceled after three seasons, or about three years within the show’s chronology. There were certainly many more stories to tell, but it might have seemed like they would never be told. Luckily, The Animated Series came along some years later. Supposedly, animated series at the time did not last more than a couple seasons, and that was about perfect to complete the canceled series. The stories were overall great for fans of both the original series and overall sci-fi. There was little doubt that this show and re-airing of its predecessor played key roles in the franchise’s revival in 1979 via the films. Thanks to licensing issues, this show was partly forgotten in the franchise’s mythos, certainly causing some continuity oddities, but luckily for all Trek Fans, it is now an integral part of the franchise.

Star Trek Franchise

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes
S1 – 92%
S2 – N/A


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