Super Troopers


Synopsis: Vermont State Troopers allowed to have too much fun must save their jobs from budget cuts by out-doing the local police in a drug sting.

• A genuinely fun, subversive comedy with just enough glee and self-awareness to make up for any of its flaws.
• Brian Cox steels the show, clearly encouraged to upstage the Broken Lizards.
• Went all the way with its unique brand of juvenile humor.
• The cops portrayed may have gotten away with too much, but they genuinely cared about their jobs and family. Well, maybe not Farva.

• Probably did not make actual law enforcement officials happy with how they were either depicted as corrupt drug dealers or active pranksters.
• The humor was very juvenile at times, and suggestive that the film was not out to gain much more than the cult following it now has.
• The plot felt a bit thin at times, while the film was a bit overlong.

Like Reno911 (2003-2009), Super Troopers was built to have fun, while not necessarily aiming to make fun of any person in particular. Yes, these Super Troopers were cops that bent the rules in their upper corner of Vermont, but pushed into corner, they did their jobs well enough to uncover the corruption of the local cops. Perhaps the most interesting element of the film was how it was more an indictment of state politics and lack of cohesion between law enforcement organizations. They won, but the Governor did not really care. Still, we all wanted to support these troopers, and it felt right that they bit their pride to become the local cops they once despised. It was all cemented by the ease Brian Cox showed that he was as good or better than all those seasoned Lizards.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 35%


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