Super Troopers 2

super_troopers_2_posterYear: 2018

Synopsis: Years after being fired at the local police department, the familiar team of Vermont State Troopers are reinstated to set up a new highway patrol in Canadian land technically in the United States.

• A more than diverting continuation of the first film.
• Brian Cox continued to happily upstage everyone in his scenes, elevating the humor of everyone.
• There was both a sense of comfort and glee that they were all implausibly back to do this all again.
• The incident with Fred Savage was a genuinely funny running joke.
• The overall self-awareness, including the highlighting of stubbornness and sameness found on both sides of the border, helped to make up for any of the film’s flaws.
• Seeing the character Ursula Hanson now running the very station in Spurbury that once held her back was a positive detail, which helped to make up for the largely male-oriented storyline.

• Was not really built to expand the fanbase of the first film or the overall brand.
• Did not embrace the fish-out-of-water trope as strongly as they should have.
• The overall depiction of police, Canadians, and even Americans might not have been taken well by some.
• Though the film did not feel overlong, the plot felt very slim at times. The plot was also almost too close to the first film.

The premise, though perhaps absurd on the surface, was an interesting one. In all the talk about securing the southern border, what about the northern one, and what if the US and Canada needed to deal with disputed territory? The latter is surprisingly plausible, with territorial disputes arguably being an element of the War of 1812. So, maybe that line between US and Canada has a gray area or two. Well, maybe that was not really the point of the sequel. All the fans of the first film just wanted to see more of these (mostly) lovable goofballs fighting crime in their unorthodox ways. In that way, the film delivered as well as it could have.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 32%


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