Intruder_coverYear: 1989

Synopsis: The night crew of a grocery store first deal with an ex-boyfriend of one of the cashiers and how the store will soon close, and then find themselves trying to survive a maniac.

• Incredibly competent writing for its genre, and at times had more in common with Hitchcockian thrillers than generic slashers.
• The surviving characters, though certainly not familiar with surviving a homicidal maniac (who is?), not only do not mindlessly trip over themselves, but valiantly fight back.
• Had a truly dark sense of humor.
• While not out to reinvent, the film went all the way with truly grotesque visuals. The unrated version especially highlighted the extreme gore.

• The police were absurdly incompetent.
• Sam Raimi and especially Bruce Campbell practically received top billing when they merely had minor cameos.
• Slasher films are rarely for a wide audience, and that was especially the case with Intruder.

For such a low budget film from 1980s, Intruder was surprisingly well done. The acting, the directing, the gore, and the writing were all surprisingly well done, given the limitations. The film was so well done that it made the viewer stop guessing almost from the beginning, before showing the viewer how wrong they probably were. The film had a truly dark heart, and its almost downright mean twists highlighted that. Its very ending was perhaps darker than many slashers that came before or since. The film almost literally laughed at the viewer in the last scene for thinking there was any hope of joy or catharsis. Morons that trip over themselves need not apply to the now many job openings at this grocery store.

Rotten Tomatoes — N/A


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