Groundhog Day

Year: 1993

Synopsis: Sarcastic and cynical weatherman, Phil Connors (Bill Murray), finds himself reliving groundhog day over and over and over …

• Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell powered the film with humor and big heart.
• Implements an already known fantastical theme, the time-loop, so well that the the film made itself synonymous with it.
• The humor was genuine and engaging. The early assumptions of no consequences led to some of the best jokes of the film
• Possible to watch it over a hundred or even a thousand times and find it better each time.
• Filled with an incredible attention to detail, yet the instigator of the time-loop is left ambiguous.
• Phil Connors was his own antagonist, eventually learning that he could be a better person for Rita (MacDowell) and others.

• Some might find a bit too sentimental.
• The overall plot was a bit predicable, even though it can be watched many, many, many times.

“Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!”

There are many days in our lives we may want to go back to or repeat several times. Yet, it might just be the days with think we want to escape that need to be done over. Phil Connors, like the groundhog Phil, was so thick-headed and selfish at the start of the film that three ghosts would not have been enough to make him rethink his life. Indeed, his selfishness led him to committing just about every sin, first for fun and then desperation. Even when he truly began his long road to self-improvement, the selfishness was still there, lingering. He was egocentric, he of course knew, but he also eventually knew that he needed to be more for a better life.

Discussion on the films deep themes

Rotten Tomatoes — 96%


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