The Incredibles 2

The_Incredibles_2Year: 2018

Synopsis: The Parr family of superheroes and friends work to restore public trust in their calling, but learn they still have a lot of work to do with both supervillains and their family.

• A genuinely fun and worthy continuation of the first film.
• The increased emphasis on Elastigirl, and how it was awkward for Mr. Incredible, fueled the film.
• Was still a family film that everyone could enjoy.
• Frozone Sam Jackson.
• The more blatant element of manipulating the painful need of acceptance added an underlying darkness the first film lacked. We could see they were being manipulated, but could understand why they could not see it right away.
• Still very much structured like a 1960s spy film, while also subversive to the traditional family unit.
• Jack-Jack’s remarkable array of powers.

• The pacing felt slower and erratic at times.
• Might have tried too hard to add overly familiar elements from other franchises.
• Though far from a negative for the film’s story, the hypnotic screens might literally have not been good for the health of some.
• The plot was a bit too close to the first film’s.

It’s Elastigirl!

Perhaps the biggest problem with “too good to be true” for the superhero is that they almost assume it will always work out in some way they can handle. And why not? Fighting crime for the better part of two decades might just suggest they can handle most of what is thrown at them, and when they cannot, they probably have allies. The first film showed how hubris created a supervillain, as the second suggested the over-reliance on superheroes could lead to more destruction. Our heroes fell for the supervillains’ trap of false-hope, because it was preferable to the boring “normal” life. They needed more in life than laundry and insurance. Yet, they still had the combined talents to save themselves from the trap they sprung on themselves. Perhaps that is the irony of all superhero films: the heroes sometimes want to fall into that trap and not consciously realize it. In the end, again, their altruism proved stronger than the darkness they unwittingly created, and everyone was just that much better for it.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 94%


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