Reno911!: Miami

reno_911_miamiYear: 2007

Synopsis: The bumbling cops of the fictionalized Reno Sheriff’s Department go to a police convention in Miami, only to find themselves in way over their heads.

• A largely effective send-up of the reality TV genre like the show that spawned it.
• The whole cast was more than game for this random trip to Miami, FL.
• Filled with absurd chaos and surprising anarchy.
• The supporting characters helped to overcome some of the script’s weaknesses, as did the non-blurred adult humor.

• The heavier reliance on scripted material than ad-libbed hijinks, which fueled the TV series, dulled the humor.
• Did not play off the fish-out-of-water scenario as effectively as it could have.
• Unlikely to win over those not already fans of the series, as actual cops might not have been pleased.

As has been seen with bringing Saturday Night Live (1975-present) skits to the big screen, the results are mixed. Fans of the source material might have been satisfied, but others might have walked out of the theater after half an hour. Miami might have tried too hard to satisfy new viewers, while it did not really know how to do that. So we ended up with a storyline more heavily scripted than the largely just outlined show. The actors and audience would have had much more fun if they just threw out two-thirds of the script. Still, the film was a fun ride for those fully attuned to the sense of humor depicted. The climactic chase scene in golf carts was constant hilarity. It was the same good natured heart as the show. The film effectively showed how “good” these cops were, in spite of their incompetence. In the long run, ironically, this might now be the perfect introduction to the show that spawned it.

Official Website (TV Series)

Rotten Tomatoes — 34%


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