The Ladies Man

ladies-man-movieYear: 2000

Synopsis: Radio host and self-proclaimed sex therapist, Leon Phelps, finds himself at a turning point in his life.

• Tim Meadows’ sexually-charged, surreal humor was perfectly delivered, as his character was genuinely likable.
• The supporting cast gave it their all amongst the absurdities.
• The largely self-aware writing helped to make up for the film’s weaknesses, making the rather adult humor more palpable for the general audience.
• Definitely not PC.
• Genuinely interesting to watch in the #MeToo era.

• The humor was sometimes stupid to a fault. The dance number was genuinely stupid, and did not add much.
• Might not have had enough humor for its length.
• The film was not made for everyone.
• Did not go all the way in it’s parodying of the low budget exploitation films that at least partly inspired it

Leon Phelps might just be a truly fantastical character created for that recurring two minute Saturday Night Live skit. He was a genuinely good guy, but also genuinely loved women. He could be very forward, but never forced himself on anyone. He genuinely cared, even if he was an idiot at times. By all accounts, one would expect him to be sexually terrible to his producer-agent, but never really did anything to make her uncomfortable in that way. Leon represented both a provocative and subversive path that might explain why it was never meant for main stream. It knowingly attacked people like Weinstein, as it suggested they did not have to be so terrible with some people. The seemingly impossible message was that it can be possible to be forward and good with everyone. All anyone really needs to do is have some sensitivity and empathy toward others.

Rotten Tomatoes — 11%


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