resolution_filmYear: 2012

Synopsis: Michael receives an email with video attached from his junkie friend, and assuming it was a cry for help, he goes to save him.

• An almost simple yet surprisingly effective journey into disquieting weirdness.
• Peter Cilella (Michael) and Vinny Curran (Chris) played their opposing roles with surprising ease, especially when the situation becomes far from normal.
• The significant element of drug use colored the film in just the right ways, while intentionally shown as nothing compared to whatever was happening.
• More accessible than much of weird fiction.
• Arguably no traditional heroes or villains.

• The lack of true explanations might have confused some viewers.
• The darker themes of drug use and mental illness might be hard for some to watch.

“Can we try it another way?”

Resolution might just be one of the best bait-and-switch plots ever conceived. At first, everything seemed perfectly “normal”: an apparent cry for help from a druggie friend, make-shift and forced rehab, local thugs, local security. The film shifts slowly and deliberately, showing manipulation of probably everyone from subtle to blatant. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end, but what that means in the face of something unexplainable is far less straight forward. This film ultimately depicted a tragedy of a possibly endless kind of resolution, exemplified by the existential dread fueling the later film in the same fictional universe, The Endless (2017).

Rotten Tomatoes — 92%


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