Men With Brooms

menwithbroomsmpYear: 2002

Synopsis: A quirky curling team reunites at the request of their deceased coach, while working through life’s many problems.

• The subtly dark and surrealistic humor, which was ultimately kindhearted, successfully drove the film.
• Leslie Nielsen’s toned down comedic delivery, fueled by genuine heart, might just be one of the best performances of his career.
• All the characters were as quirky and human as the offbeat game of curling.
• The film was genuinely fun, as it felt more accessible than one might expect.

• Those expecting the usual dry madcap of Leslie Nielsen might have been disappointed by his character.
• A bit overly predictable, and perhaps too sentimental at times.
• Though far from two dimensional, the individual characters never seemed to have time to truly shine in their quirkiness, save for Nielsen’s character.

Curling, to the American eyes, is still often something rather unusual, in spite of the underdog US team earning the gold in the 2018 Olympics! This film does not shy away from that, admitting to how it is not really like any other single sport. But like bowling, it can parallel life and the honor one may or may not achieve. Anyone who has watched that game can see how it is practically self-governed. It is expected for the players to admit to the judge if a mistake was made, and to not do so dishonors the players and the game. In real life, this was arguably seen with the mixed doubles 2018 Olympic team from Russia. When the doping was discovered, the dishonor was shocking, and in spite of quick denials, there was clear admission of guilt afterwards. Like life, curling can give many chances to make things right, but it can take a little wisdom and conscience to grasp personal redemption right on the button.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 61%


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