Boogie Nights

boogie_nights_posterYear: 1997

Synopsis: The rise and fall of the Golden Age of Porn is told mostly through the eyes of the fictional porn star Dirk Diggler

• A well acted and written story about finding artistry and life in a difficult world.
• The most fun moments are fully balanced by truly shocking and chaotic ones. Dirk-Eddie’s rock bottom might just be the heart of the film.
• Directly attacked 70s-80s nostalgia by showing the sometimes extreme difficulties of all the characters.
• Anyone clawing their way through a career can identify with the hardships of the people in this film.

• Like its subject matter, the film might not be for everybody.
• The most shocking moments can be very hard to watch.

This was a film about the many moments of control and chaos in anyone’s life, and how we may be affected by them. Discussing that through the pornographic film industry may indeed be more effective than the frame-less Forest Gump (1994). Dirk, as well as the real pornstar John Holmes, might as well have been the Forest Gump of the industry. We did not have to like the framing subject matter of this film to understand what this film was really about. These were just people trying to survive with what they’ve got, while not everyone liked where they came from. The film was right to show how wrong it was for society to shun them when they tried to do something different with their lives. Not every failure was our fault, as not every success was our doing. All that may be important sometimes is to know what are strengths truly are, and to know how to use them.

Rotten Tomatoes — 93%


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