apostle_posterYear: 2018

Synopsis: A broken, former Christian missionary is tasked with saving his sister from a mysterious cult.

• Dan Stevens has become a master of playing the broken hero probably in way over his head, as he was well supported by a more than game cast.
• Ran like an old fashioned genre film aware enough of itself to pull the viewer into its ultimately surprising weirdness.
• Like watching classic Hammer Horror or American International Pictures in their heyday.
• Played out like a kind of twisted Celtic fable as told by the Brother’s Grimm.

• The ultimate level of gore might have been too much for some.
• Its lack of sudden shocks common in horror today might have disappointed some viewers.
• The ending, as well as the remarkable moments of apparent luck, probably confused some viewers not paying close attention.

Perhaps the most fascinating element about this film was how it tried to be many things, but not at once: traditional horror, Celtic-inspired fantasy, evil cult, faith. The film was fully fleshed out, so to speak. We were slowly pulled into the growing mystery and weirdness. At the same time, we may at first think this will play out like The Wicker Man (1973) — among other horror films, but this film was its own fantastical madness filled with very human problems. Horror does not have to be a masked man with a machete or even a ghost fueled by boredom and loneliness. Horror can be the unknown, past failures, and true antagonists waiting to strike at our worst moments.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 80%

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