Ghost Stories

ghost_stories_28film29Year: 2017

Synopsis: A professor works to debunk paranormal phenomena, and is given three cases to investigate.

• An overall engaging set of interwoven stories.
• A genre film that kept the viewer surprised with subtle and direct twists.
• The secretly depressed professor Goodman (Andy Nyman) and strangely happy Priddle (Martin Freeman) played off of each other well in at times darkly comedic ways.
• The ultimate plot twist had perfect shock value, as the succeeding events were gloriously surreal.

• Was a bit slowly paced.
• Can feel a bit less noteworthy next to more elaborate horror films and miniseries released over the last year or so.

This independent film seemed intent on trapping the viewer somehow. The three “unsolved” cased investigated all seemed too easy for a seasoned debunker, and we may find ourselves wanting to know why this was all so seemingly easy like the professor. Yet, the clues to the ultimate plot twist were there all along: mental instability, solitude, dark monsters. The human mind can indeed see what it wants to see or is trained to see. What that all meant for the professor, however, was as completely unexpected as it was not. We figured it all out in time with him, with unfortunately powerful dread.

Rotten Tomatoes — 82%


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