Forrest Gump

forrest_gump_posterYear: 1994

Synopsis: Either through fate, coincidence, or accident, the slow yet good hearted Forrest Gump becomes a witness to several defining historical events of the late twentieth century.

• Tom Hanks was perfect as the remarkably relatable Gump, as the rest of the cast supported him well.
• An overall good hearted film about the United States and its cultural diversity.
• A film more about the struggle to find one’s own path than fighting some generic protagonist.
• An intriguing discussion of the confluence of choice and destiny.

• Its political undertones have led to the story being co-opted by one political persuasion or the other, making it too easy to miss the film’s central message.
• Far less epic than it pretends to be.
• Might try too heard to pull our heart strings at times.

Even though Forrest and Jenny (Robin Wright) may be seen as both sides of the political coin of American culture, this film was not really about politics per se. It was more about finding our own path, and how such choices were not really right or wrong. We may even regret our choices, or make new ones. Such things are OK. Politically, the story was really about the struggle to find unity in spite of differing choices, to accept all the good and bad as part of the human experience. Philosophically, the film was about how we are all floating through our lives almost like a feather or leaf or hat in the wind, while we can still find unexpected ways forward. All we had done and seen mattered, but there was no reason only to feel anger, regret, or even pride over any of it. We are all stories in the end …

And that about all thats needs to be said about that.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 72%


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