rv-movieposterYear: 2006

Synopsis: Instead of canceling the family vacation in lieu of a forced business trip, Bob (Robin Williams) takes his dysfunctional family on an RV trip, and meet colorful characters and absurd pitfalls.

• A largely affective comedic journey, with a surprising attention to detail.
• Robin Williams drove the film on his charisma, but the rest of the cast were allowed to shine as well.
• Many genuinely funny moments for anyone that has experienced even more than an hour in a vehicle filled with family.
• Now partly rests on a nostalgia for a time just before the iPhone and the more intelligent GPS.
• Arguing with the GPS.

• Nothing new or different was given to the road trip comedy.
• Somewhat predictable plot, particularly in how the lies that did not have to be told initially backfired.
• Not exactly a film out to get all the awards.

The “road trip” is a fairly predictable trope, whether it be with a dysfunctional family or rowdy college students. We go from point A to point B via a variety of pitfalls, and the characters become at least a little better after it all. So, like in old-school weird fiction, the real story is the journey. RV provides an absurdly epic journey about an unfriendly, dysfunctional, suburban family not really accustomed to the riggers of cross-country travel. Then again, the average suburban family is an easy “fish out of water” in the middle of the desert or Rocky Mountains. They survived all but by accident, and with the help of a weird yet super nice family they secretly wanted to be like. At the same time, as was written into the dialogue at point B, if Bob simply said the RV trip was a compromise to spend more time with his family and keep his job, then much of the pitfalls would have been avoided. Of course, he was selfish, and we would have had far less laughs if he was not at point A.

Rotten Tomatoes — 23%


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