The Blues Brothers

bluesbrothersmovieposterYear: 1980

Synopsis: On a mission from God, the Blues Brothers seek to put their band back together to save the orphanage that raised them.

• A near perfect epic comedy about imperfect people aiming to do one truly good and selfless thing.
• Belushi and Aykroyd were the perfect dynamic duo of comedy. Their physical humor, their delivery was and is unmatched.
• Just about everyone from Blues, R&B, and Soul shine through the madness.
• Even the smaller, non-musical parts were played perfectly by Carrie Fisher, John Candy, Henry Gibson, Paul Rubins, among others.
• The vengeful Illinois nazis practically were destroyed by the Blues Brothers.
• The extended cut confirmed its nature as a truly fantastical odyssey.

• The plot is somewhat absurdist by nature.
• Law enforcement probably were not pleased by how they were depicted.
• Has a completely unnecessary sequel.

“Were on a mission from God.”

Everything about the Blues Brothers is gloriously over the top. The filmmakers and actors certainly aimed to go as far beyond the Saturday Night Live (1975-present) sketches as was thematically possible. The brothers themselves were truly interesting characters. They wanted to do good presently, but were naturally imperfect people. Indeed, The film started in prison and ended in prison. They did whatever it took to save the one thing they knew needed to be saved: their old orphanage. They destroyed property, they stole, they blackmailed, they fled from the police. Yet, it all worked. Their mission was pure, even if they were not. Somehow, this was a film that should not have worked. It was the sheer talent of everyone involved that made this story eternally viewable for you, me, everybody!

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 83%


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