Enter Nowhere

enter_nowhere_posterAlternate Title: The Haunting of Blackwood

Year: 2011

Synopsis: In succession, three people find a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and discover things about themselves and the area they don’t want to believe, including the truth of the cabin’s occupant.

• Was an engaging, character driven plot.
• The casting of the three main actors, who are the children of long-time Hollywood stars, might not have been a coincidence, given the plot.
• Successfully shadowed the true nature of the characters’ unusual situation until the final act. Even the results of the plot are not clear until the very last scene.
• The allusions to the Twilight Zone (1959-1964), Donnie Darko (2001), and the overused mysterious cabin trope were played off well to throw off the viewer, while the film’s own story stood out.
• The truly dark part of the plot might be the gas station guy, who not only seemed the source of the film’s events, but still ended up with a gun in his face.
• All low budget, independent films wish they worked as well as this.

• There was a significant absurdity to the plot, while maintaining perhaps too much mystery.
• The filmmakers almost seemed too afraid to make the story as dark as it could have been.

Everything seemed done in reverse in Enter Nowhere. Except for the surprisingly important first scene, every detail was first obtained from what was to come. It was as if all their lives were laid bare at the individual level, but could not reveal the dark truth right away: vengeance, greed, fear, blindness. They might as well have been in a kind of purgatory that offered to change one thing to change the rest. The characters were forced to ask themselves why they were there, which was something they did not always ask themselves in their lives. Yet, the answer to that question was not possible to answer under normal circumstances. Knowing our familial history, there may indeed be a single choice that ensured who we are. It took them all to realize what needed to be done, but failure was still likely. They succeed in remaking the chain of their lives, while it was unclear if the next group will find the same success.

Rotten Tomatoes — N/A%


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